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About Cyprus

Welcome to Sunny Island of Cyprus!!!

Cyprus the island of whatever you decide to do, make sure you will enjoy every minute.
One of the smallest Islands in size but rich in history and tradition. Cyprus offers a blend of history, natural beauty, romance, luxury and so more.

History of Cyprus
Over the years Cyprus suffers because of the privileged geography position, explains both its tumultuous history and the fact that Cyprus has played an important role in the Eastern Mediterranean, through the ages.

• Earliest Evidences: Pre – Pottery Era (about 10,000 – 8,200 BC)
• Neolithic Period (about 8,200 – 3,800 BC)
• Chalcolithic Age (about 3,800 – 2,400 BC)
• Bronze Age (about 2,400 – 1,100 BC)
• Iron Age
• Hellenistic Age (310 – 30 BC)
• Roman Empire (30 BC – 330 AD)
• Byzantine Empire (330 – 1191 AD)
• Lusignan Cyprus (1192 – 1489 AD)
• Venetian Period (1489 – 1571 AD)
• Ottoman Period (1571 – 1878 AD)
• British Colony (1878 – 1960)

Modern Cyprus
The autonomy of Cyprus, however, is not achieved in a bloodless way, neither is the transition from colony to independent nation unproblematic. The constitution of 1960 has, major inequalities, which gradually causes conflicts between Muslim Turkish Cypriots and Orthodox Greek Cypriots. These conflicts are not peaceful, obliging the United Nations to send peacekeeping forces in 1964 in order to support British troops. This is when “Green Line”, a boundary dividing Nicosia, is decided.
As aggression grows stronger, political differences become unbridgeable: a decade later, Military Junta of Greece in collaboration with Greek Cypriots who insisted in Union undertook a military coup, attempts to overthrow President Makarios III. This fact opens the way to Turkey to illegally invade Kyrenia with 40.000 troops.
Cyprus remains since 1974 divided: 37% of the island is under Turkish occupation. Almost 200.000 Greek Cypriots were forced to abandon their homes, thousands of people were injured in the onslaught or immediately killed and others were considered missing – during the past few years, bones of many people who were considered (till recently missing) are found in big common graves. Simultaneously, thousands of Turkish Cypriots were forced to abandon their homes and move to Northern Cyprus or Turkey.
Despite the resolutions of the United Nations, and Cyprus’s continuous efforts against the violations of its sovereignty rights, Turkey still remains the sole country which recognises “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, declared so in 1983, as a legal state.
Long negotiations regarding the unification of Cyprus have been conducting for many years. In 2004, the Greek Cypriots rejected the suggested by UN and EU plan, while the Turkish side consented. Since 2003, checkpoints at various border points have been opened, allowing both sides to visit one another.
Cyprus becomes an official member of the European Union in 2004 and adopts Euro in 2008.

thing to do in cyprus

Cyprus is the most famous island on the Mediterranean Sea, with Paphos area easily capturing the interest of holidaymaker, thanks to the great variety of things to do in Paphos. There is something for everyone!

Paphos Bird Park

Visit the Paphos Bird Park and that relax and reconnect with Mother Nature.You will see birds and animals from all over the world ! You will be educated at the Amphitheater about various wildlife in the Park and you will see wildlife documentaries!We are sure that you will enjoy the daily Parrot and Owl shows which will educate you how agile and clever these birds are.

Paphos Aphrodite Water Park

A cool way to spend a hot day:Aphrodite Water Park ! If you are looking for pulse-pounding excitement, slippery challenges relaxing activities and sunbathing, or a combination of all three, there’s something for everyone at Aphrodite Waterpark. The Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark – A cool way to spend a hot day!

Mazotos Camel Park

Enjoy a camel caravan through the surrounding countryside of Mazotos village (Larnaca). The whole family can join the Camel caravan for a ride we promise you a lot of fun. Your children can enjoy themselves playing at the Luna Park. We can also enjoy your lunch at the restaurant, watching the camels. Swim, sunbathe or relax by the pool with a cocktail from the pool bar.

Paphos Go Karts

Paphos & Polis Go Karts offer 1,500 metres of Karting track. The main track has Bambino, Cadet, Pro Karts, Super Karts, Twin Engine Karts and Thunder Karts. There is also a kiddie’s track with four types of karts: Turbo Turtle, Quad Bikes, Super Wheels and Safari Jeeps.The centre also offers a Cafe, rest room, Snack Bar and Crazy Golf for the whole family!

sports to do in cyprus

The safe, clear and warm waters means that Sports in Cyprus can be enjoyed all year round ,making Cyprus an ideal destination for those who enjoying swimming, sailing, yachting, surfing, diving and watersports.

*Scuba Diving: Discover excitement and adventure, freedom and serenity. In order to get into the scuba diving world, this course has three simple steps. First you will see a short video explaining the basics of scuba gear. Before you know it you will be in the sea practicing the skills and enjoying your first sea dive! We also have programs for those that already familiar with diving and for kids, so they won’t miss anything from Cyprus and its beauties! You can choose the program that suits you:Snorkerling,DSD,Intro Dives, Scuba Diver, Open Water, Adventure Diver, Advanced Diver,Bubblemaker and more.

*Cycling: For those who prefer wheels to walking Cyprus can be discovered by cycling along many interest rails! You will be provided with a mountain bike that will be adapted to suit your size. There are many routes that you can choose from and you will have the company of a professional, so you will no get lost:

Level 1 Troodos Cycling Tour, Diarizos Cycling Tour, Coast to Coast Cycling, Ayios Neophytos
Level 2 Kykkos Monastery, Pafos Circle, Cedra Valley, Akamas, Chryssorrogiatissa

*Hiking: The best seasons are spring and autumn but winter can be a good choice thanks to its mild temperatures. In the Troodos Mountain range there are numerous hiking trails winding through pine woods and vinegards offering a variety of vast panoramic views and scenery. Choose Cedar Valley and you will be rewarded by the memorable sight of some 200.000 massive and majestic trees. There are more hiking trails in Akamas peninsula near Polis,in Cape Greco near Ayia Napa and in the region around Paphos,such as the Avakas Gorge.Do not forget to bring you walking shoes!

*Swimming: Cyprus promotes clean and environmentally friendly beaches and has been awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ by the independent Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).